Friday, December 17, 2010

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

So this is what I'm currently working on as a side project. I was inspired to "doo" it (heehee) because 1. Scooby Doo is freaking awesome and 2. I've been watching this show called Paranormal State, and it dawned on me that Mystery Inc. are kind of like ghost hunters... so I took that idea and ran with it. I even reinvented their personalities a bit too. I'll have the full synopsis when I show some more process work, but for now, enjoy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So busy...

So I decided to post a "To Do List" on the blog so that whenever I'm procrastinating on the interwebz, I'll be able to remind myself to get my ass back to work. Here we go...

1. Finish scripts for 2 short films
2. Draw tons of Batman stuff
3. Have 8 pages of "Too Coole" penciled and inked
4. Get a decent header for this blog
5. Keep up this blog
6. Start web comic
7. Finish commission for Deviantart
8. Send in audition video to CW
9. Start web comic
10. Save the world before bedtime

... mmm, that's a lot more than I expected...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Daww! My my you've grown...

This is one of the very first drawings I did on my Wacom tablet. Yeah...

Jamming to: Sleigh Bells' Treats

This album is pretty "swank"... you like that word, huh? Well, it means it's good. It has a very different sound, and though a lot of the times I can't understand half of what this chick is singing, it still is a decent album. CHECK IT OUT or whatever.

CD Cover Commission...

Here's something I did earlier this year for a music group called Without Fame. I did the logo and design for the group but the photos were taken by a friend of mine. If you look closely, you might see yours truly in these photos... mmhmm...

Sorry... Imma lazy sonuvabitch...

A thousand apologies for the lack of posts lately. Babysitting my nephews have left me with little recreation time. Got some new stuff headed your way, so be on the look out.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inception Parody (Bigger Version)

So the version I uploaded previously was small and I'm not sure you all will be able to read the font.
 So here's a link to my DeviantArt so you can see the bigger version of it.

Bigger Version

An Inception Parody

I apologize for the crappy drawing, but after seeing this movie, I had to get my idea down on paper quick. I love the movie (watched it 5 times in theaters) and I can't wait for the DVD to come out (on the 7th). Anyways, I had a funny thought while watching it and this is what I came up with...


More photos I've shot while out and about. Uh... I guess that's it.
 "The Little Girl with the Puppies"
I shot this at the petting zoo at a Renaissance Fair near where I live. I meant to just shoot the puppies (you know, because of their cuteness), and then the little girl strolled on by and ruined the shot. That was supposed to be a joke...
 "The Summer When No One Listened to Me"
As the title suggests, I took this during the summer time at a friends house. I would go more in depth about the story behind this photo, but it infuriates me to think about it. Moving on...
 "The Glass Project"
This photo is a result of me trying to show the creation process of a project for a 3D assignment for school. I was making a giant sculpture out of broken glass bottles. When I snapped the shot, I really liked the colors of all the different overlapping glass created.
"Tree Swirls"
This is another one of those accidents that I ended up falling in love with. I was trying to get a pic of a lamp that I made for the same 3D class, and the shutter speed for my camera was all out of wack. This was the result.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Go Team Venture!

One of my favorite shows on Adult Swim (despite the anti-climactic season finale). I did this a while ago and I really want to recolor it the "right way." When I get around to it, it'll look badass. 

FLICK PICK: Who Can Kill A Child?

This movie is everything I need in a thriller: Genuine mystery, moral ambiguity, character development, original plot, and unpredictability. Mmm... did I miss anything? I will say that my mouth was hung open the entire film (because I was eating popcorn at the time), but seriously it's a really great movie. My friends know me as a true stickler when it comes to judging films *I hated Pan's Labyrinth*, so when I say that I actually liked a film, you know it's good. My advice to you: FIND IT. WATCH IT. NOW!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Firebreather Inks and Colors

Before you ask, yes, this was done years before that crappy movie premiered on Cartoon Network. And yes, I do think the movie was crappy. Anyways, here we go. I'm not really satisfied with the colored version of this, so I plan on redoing it, like 10 times better. This was actually drawn and colored my freshman year, so yeah...

Some "Moe" Inks

SAW WHAT I DID THAR?!? I said "Moe" instead of "more" to make a pun *laughs and slaps knee* So, yeah, here are some pencils and inks by you're favorite artist in the whole wide world.
This was my final project for my materials and techniques class. The assignment was the concept of "Monkey Men vs. a T-Rex." I think I could have done better on the inking but I like the composition. I'm going to color this sometime during this Winter Break. 

'Click Click'

Yes, I'm a photographer too. I know, I know... I'm awesome. But enough about me (for now), lets talk about these pics. I was around Little Five Points and asked a few people if I could snap photos of them, but only the people who I thought looked interesting. These 3 photos are very different but they are from the same day.
 "The American Dream"
This is a homeless man who I saw later that night. He was cool with me
taking his picture as long as I bought him some cigarettes. That day, we both got what we wanted.
 "Youth Explained"
This guy was really cool. He actually came to me to have his picture taken.
Afterwards, we talked for about an hour about nothing in particular.
He gave me a UCONN keychain to remember him by... 
I really like this picture because it was actually an accident. I love the swirls
of color. This always reminds me of some Impressionist painting or something like that.

Sync Character Design

Here is something I worked on for a (now scrapped) game project. I was the Lead Character Designer and the Visual Director of the project. These are a few of the ideas I presented. Eventually the group settled on the design that's to the far right.

The Google Image Challenge

So there's a funny story about this warm-up: I was sitting at my laptop, hacking the interwebz, when I realized I wanted to make a completely random character. Well, at the time I couldn't think of anything for my mind was occupied with stopping world hunger. Then I got an idea: Type the word "random" in Google image search and combine the first two faces you see. When I did it, I got Chuck Norris and Albert Einstein. I realize now I should've made him a ginger. 

Just screwin' around on tha tablet...

Nothing really important here. I was just practicing with some rendering methods with different brushes. 

"You're a Good Man..."

Let me first start out by saying that Lucy was a complete and utter bitch to Charlie. I was always waiting for a holiday special where'd he'd get plastered off of egg nog and finally punch that ho in the face. But I digress. I think I did this in like 15 mins or so. My favorite part of this whole thing is Snoopy, you know, cuz he's such a gangsta. Don't ask me about the ink splots. I just like the way they look. I guess you'll come to find out I use them a lot. Eh...

Woop Woop, Commissions!

Here's some stuff I did for a client in Florida. Though I liked working on these, the guy himself can be described in one word: COMPLETEASSHOLE. I'd have to say, he was one of the most difficult people to work with, and that's saying a lot considering I've had to work in a nursery before. So yeah, here ya go.

Some Traditional Ish (S.T.I.)

No, S.T.I. does not stand for "Sexually Transmitted Infection," ok! Well, at least in this case it doesn't. Whateves. Soooo, these are some charcoal drawings I did freshman year... oh so long ago. I really liked working with the medium and I was actually pretty good at it. *toots own horn* I think I might start doing more since it's been so long (Plus, I got to get rid of the surplus of charcoal sitting in my closet). Anywho, enjoy! 

A Still Life I drew (sorry about the distracting watermark)
A Self Portrait (when I had muh hairz)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Totally off topic, but I don't care...

I just had to congratulate my sister and my bro-in-law on their twin boys: Sebastian and Benjamin. They're so freakin' cute... er... uh... I mean they're handsome and manly. Note to my nephews (assuming they can read at 3 days old): Now that I'm living with your parents, I'll take it upon myself to school you in everything comic book related. You two will be thoroughly versed in the Batman mythos, will be able to recite the Green Lantern oath by heart, and will know the importance of obtaining the Anti-Life Equation. Trust me, that's the easy stuff.

Sketchbook Time!!!

I know, I'm excited too! Or is that just an erection? Who cares, it's SKETCHBOOK TIME! These are just some basic inks I did for some 'Temple' challenges. Wait, you don't know what the 'Temple of Cartoon Mojo' is? Tsk tsk, bro. I'll post a link to it and you'll find my work along with a lot of other talented artists from muh skool!

Here's that site I mentioned like 3 seconds ago...

Now to MY WORK! I did Samurai Jack, Midna, and the Rocketeer. Feast your eyes...

"Too Coole" Promo Ish

 A promo poster for "Too Coole"
A model sheet of Detective Coole. I really need to add some coffee stains on there to make it a bit better. But for now, this'll do.

More "The Boy and the Devil" Stuffz

Alrighty, I got some facial expressions and some action poses for ya'll asses. Enjoy, peeps!

Current Proyecto: Too Coole

Now that I'm on Winter Break, and probably will be ignored by St. Nick again this year, I've decided to be productive. "How" you ask? Well, I've been working on a graphic novel with a friend of mine, Joshua Smith, titled 'Too Coole'. Yeah, I know it's spelled wrong. It's supposed to be a pun because... *sigh... whatever.
Description: "Too Coole" follows the adventures of the pint-sized, squinty-eyed Detective Charlie Coole. But don't let his height fool you! This scowling little man won't hesitate to kick some ass. Be one  of the first to witness him solve big cases, beat up bad guys, woo lovely ladies, and be an all around badass. Story by Joshua Smith and art by yours truly.

Anyways, join the FACEBOOK GROUP via la link:

"The Boy and the Devil"

This was the final project for my character design class at school. I really liked the way it came out... well, I liked everything but my maquette (the perfectionist in me hates it, but whateves). I have the original script and story boards coming soon, but for now, enjoy! Tell me what you think...

I'm a Sarcasmonaut...

This was a quick lil' logo I put together last night for myself. I was on the interwebz prowling Urban Dictionary and ran across the word: Sarcasmonaut. I love the way it sounds and for anyone who has had the displeasure of speaking with me in person, they'd say this word describes me perfectly... well that and the word 'asshole'... and 'dick'. But here's what I came up wiff. Hope ya like!

Jamming to: Cee Lo Green's The Lady Killer

This album is freakin' awesome. I've always been a fan of Cee Lo ever since Goodie Mob and his latest album has blown me away. When you hear this ish, you'll feel nostalgia for no reason, which is a good thing. So, turn off your Waka Flaka Flame and listen to some REAL music.

Hey, that's me!

Just a lil' somethin' somethin' I put together just for this blog. Took about 12 mins on muh tablet.

Herro Wurld!

Sup guys... I'm kinda new to this young people technology so give me some time to get used to this ish. Anywho, a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's cousin suggested I should get a blog. At first, I told him, 'I don't get down like that' but then he quickly corrected me and assured me it was nothing sexual. Thus we are here! I'll be postin' stuff, promotin' stuff, eatin' stuff... yes, all on this blogz, so stay tuned folks. Now all I have to do is find out what a "Twizzer" is. "Twicker?" Wait, it's called "Twitter?" *sigh... never mind.