Monday, November 29, 2010

'Click Click'

Yes, I'm a photographer too. I know, I know... I'm awesome. But enough about me (for now), lets talk about these pics. I was around Little Five Points and asked a few people if I could snap photos of them, but only the people who I thought looked interesting. These 3 photos are very different but they are from the same day.
 "The American Dream"
This is a homeless man who I saw later that night. He was cool with me
taking his picture as long as I bought him some cigarettes. That day, we both got what we wanted.
 "Youth Explained"
This guy was really cool. He actually came to me to have his picture taken.
Afterwards, we talked for about an hour about nothing in particular.
He gave me a UCONN keychain to remember him by... 
I really like this picture because it was actually an accident. I love the swirls
of color. This always reminds me of some Impressionist painting or something like that.

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