Friday, November 11, 2011

My Little Demon

These are characters that I made for a story called "My Little Demon." The story centers around kids at a special school whose population can see familiar spirits. It's a lot more expansive than that, but I don't care enough to go into detail. So yeah. Obviously, one of the characters resembles me (because I'm awesome and vain). Enjoy. 

Huey Freeman Promo

This is just a lil fun thing I put together. I drew this years ago, but decided to color it just now. I'm really excited that Aaron decided to do another season. I'm a huge fan of the strip and the comic. But enough dick-riding. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Samurai Jack, back from the past...

See, this title works on many different levels. One, it's a quote from the theme song of Samurai Jack. Also, I drew this pin up about a year ago (almost 2 years), which makes it from the past... kinda. Whatever. Anyways, I finally colored this thing. It's 6AM too and I have to work today until close, so instead of a long-winded explanation of this piece, I'll go to sleep. Enjoy.