Saturday, November 27, 2010

Current Proyecto: Too Coole

Now that I'm on Winter Break, and probably will be ignored by St. Nick again this year, I've decided to be productive. "How" you ask? Well, I've been working on a graphic novel with a friend of mine, Joshua Smith, titled 'Too Coole'. Yeah, I know it's spelled wrong. It's supposed to be a pun because... *sigh... whatever.
Description: "Too Coole" follows the adventures of the pint-sized, squinty-eyed Detective Charlie Coole. But don't let his height fool you! This scowling little man won't hesitate to kick some ass. Be one  of the first to witness him solve big cases, beat up bad guys, woo lovely ladies, and be an all around badass. Story by Joshua Smith and art by yours truly.

Anyways, join the FACEBOOK GROUP via la link:

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