Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As You Can See, I Suck At Blogging.

Sometimes I forget I have this thing. I'm sorry guys. I know I promised I was going to post more, but eh... Oh, FYI, I has no Facebooks anymore, so yeah. I recently got a Twitter, but it's not related to my artwork at all. And I tend to have a potty mouth on there so follow at your own risk: @ArJaeCaesar. If you want a more family friendly one, you can follow me here: @TheMangEvent.

Anyway, I PINKY PROMISE to post more. In the mean time, enjoy this. It's yet another self portrait. Took about 10 mins.


  1. yea you are but not as bad as mee lol! lets follow each other!!! lol

  2. Hey man! is there any chance to connect you? I have one question! Would be great!
    Best wishes